caravalt: Hi, you've got some really cool stuff on your Tumblr! It would be interesting if you explained a bit more about the process of animating your trixel stuff, like the swaying trees and stirring water. Is that also done in Hexels, or what?

Thanks! Anything tagged procedural animation is animated using Processing. The water and trees are drawn and animated using code that I wrote myself. Generally speaking I don’t share/post code that’s used to generate specific effects,  but I did share code to make little flames here. I also have a tutorial about how to get Hexels output into Processing for animation here.

swiggidysquirtle: I have to ask, how do you filter over you hexel stuff to make it just look so beautiful? like, im very satisfied with the way my stuff turns out, but in the same, it feels a little plain, software names are helpful too :) Anyway, thanks!

Hi! One thing I always do is tweak the colors using a gradient map and layer effects. Here’s a pretty extreme example:


On the left is the raw output from Hexels for this piece. I brought it into Photoshop and used a gradient map set to soft light to get the colors on the right. I then added some texture with my new favorite brushes (I have a texture tutorial here) and added animated elements in Processing.

Hope that helps! I also have a post with more gradient map examples here.

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