I did a bunch of animations for ShoddyCast’s Sheogorath lore video!

Trying out the new Hexels shape mode!

Trying out the new Hexels shape mode!

Answering some processing questions!

I export the Hexels artwork as an svg, load the svg into processing, and then manipulate the individual polygons. I have a quick tutorial with some example code that uses PShape objects here: http://etall.tumblr.com/post/68230067926 . Recently I’ve been using processing’s XML parsing functions to load the svg data into custom classes rather than using PShape. The extra non-hexelly details are svgs loaded in the same way.

I use saveFrame() and then assemble the frames in Photoshop. Once could also use a gif export library like this one: http://extrapixel.github.io/gif-animation/

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